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Debate Preparation

WSC Debate:

Each team debates three times, on motions across all the subjects, from policy to poetry. You may be arguing whether parents should have access to surveillance cameras at schools—or whether women make better superheroes. Debate is your chance to apply all that you’ve learned to make the most persuasive case you can. And, win or not, after each debate, you’ll give the other team feedback on how to improve.

Each of you will speak up to 4 minutes. But first, you’ll have 15 minutes to research your argument, with full access to the Internet. Use your time—and choose your sources—wisely! (WSC website)

The Debate event seems to be the one that causes the most anxiety amongst students. However, by using the debate templates to practise with students can gain confidence.

Debaters in WSC are given a debate prompt and then have 15 minutes to prepare. By using the templates below debaters can fill in the content of their debate into the structure provided. The first time they debate you can allow them to read off their template and the more times they practise the less they will need the template.

Example Debate prompts…

  • Resolved: That parents should have the right to implant GPS trackers in their children.

  • Resolved: That Norway would survive a zombie apocalypse

  • Resolved: That the world needs more ninjas.


The templates are adapted from resources provided by the Debating SA in Australia (https://www.debatingsa.com.au/)


Debate format explanation

Debate format TEMPLATE