Special Area

Note: this is a summary of information from the Worlds Scholar’s Cup facebook page.


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  • USA Beats Soviet Union in ‘Miracle on Ice’
    • Consider the unlikely triumph of the United States in men’s hockey at the 1980 Winter Olympics—the so-called “Miracle on Ice” (for one side, at least). What other similar “miracles” can you think of? Does an athletic triumph need to be unexpected to inspire a city, or a nation, or the world?


  • Makoko Floating School
    • This seemingly unlikely approach to building a school has been celebrated as a sensible architectural solution. What problem is it solving, and why might its innovative approach be even more relevant in the future? What is its current condition, and are other schools like it in the works? Be sure to bring your discussion home: how would you describe the design of your own school, and does it have an impact on your student experience?


  • 1988 Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team Incident
    • Explore this feel-good story from the 1988 Olympics. Then, discuss with your team: *why* is it a feel-good story? Why are we (and Disney movie-makers) drawn to tales of underdogs who make it big, of Davids who defeat Goliaths, of Cinderellas who get the prince (or princess) in the end? Would you rather enter a competition as a returning champion or as someone given no chance of victory?


  • Chernobyl’s babushkas
    • Consider a group of women who have survived against great odds, and even against the wishes of their government – the babushkas of Chernobyl. Discuss with your team: are these women brave or foolish? When is the risk to a person great enough that the government should intervene to ensure their continued well-being?