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Global Rounds!

Four times a year, we come together as one global community: three Global Rounds, and one Tournament of Champions.

Whether you join us for team debates beside the Cape of Good Hope, a scavenger hunt at twilight on the Acropolis, or a Scholar’s Bowl in Southeast Asia’s most beautiful theater, we can’t wait to welcome you alongside thousands of scholars and educators from nearly 100 regional rounds all across the world in this, our tenth anniversary season.

The dates of the three 2017 Global Rounds are:

  • Hanoi: June 26-30 (Juniors) & June 27-July 1 (Seniors)
  • Athens: July 18-22 (Juniors) & July 19-23 (Seniors)
  • Cape Town: August 11-15 (Juniors & Seniors)

The dates for the 2017 Tournament of Champions at Yale University are November 10-13.

If you’ve already qualified for your choice of Global Rounds and need an invitation letter to begin arranging your trip, please request the letter (along with certificates of achievement) at www.scholarscup.org/results.

All other details, including registration forms, preview schedules, and hotel information, will be linked soon at www.scholarscup.org/calendar—which is also where those of you who haven’t participated yet this season can sign up for your upcoming regional rounds.

See you soon,


Daniel Berdichevsky
World Scholar’s Cup