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Final Announcement


Join the founder and alpaca-in-chief of the World Scholar’s Cup, Daniel Berdichevsky, the rest of the WSC crew, the school crew, adjudicators, teams, parents and other guests – this weekend in Elverum!

– We are so much looking forward to welcoming all teams to this celebration of learning. I wish for all students to have fun and at the same time learn a lot. The World Scholar’s Cup is truly a unique experience, that fits well with our school’s international focus. WSC is big on a global scale, and we are proud to be the first school in the Nordic countries to host it, says mr. Ole Frode Mikkelsgård, headmaster from Elverum Upper Secondary School.

This weekend we will welcome a record breaking 128 students in both junior and senior divisions to the WSC Elverum Round – the second in history! The competition is hosted by Elverum Upper Secondary School, Hedmark County, in cooperation with the municipality of Elverum.


What happens? 

Teams from all of Norway, as well as international teams, arrive Saturday 11 February and sleep over at the school. Some local teams will meet directly for competition day 1 and 2. Sunday 12 February will be Competition Day 1, and Monday 13 February will be Competition Day 2.

Final program can be downloaded here.